We had the privilege to test the new dog seat cover from Rabbitgoo and we can tell you one thing: IT’S PERFECT!


It’s so easy to use, it really is self-explanatory …

It takes no time at all to install it in your car.

Look at how happy our dogs were when they could sit on their very own seat cover.

We took them to the beach nearby and they were super excited.

When they are super excited they try to climb to the front seat but that’s not possible with the new dog seat cover from Rabbitgoo.

They have the entire back seat for themselves and they got nowhere else to go which is necessary for two super exciting dogs.


After we got back from the beach they were all covered in sand, which normally could create quite a mess in our car; we had to spend at least an hour to clean our car entirely and remove all the sand from the back seat.

To be honest, this seat cover works quite well, you can easily remove it from the back seat with all the sand and dirt still on the seat cover and just let it out of your car without spilling any of it on your back seat.


It’s not even that expensive and it’s made out of good material. We know that exciting dogs and exciting paws can really break just about anything but not this seat cover. It really works really well for what it is designed to do.

Try it for yourself and make sure to check out the entire store of Rabbitgoo on Amazon, they sure have some other cool products for your pet.

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