Cheap sofas for sale is a really popular search term. You’re definitely not the only one looking for them, we create a list of the best sofas for sale. Apart from your bed, a sofa is where you will sit/lay down the most. Getting a good sofa for your home is good, getting a good sofa for your home which is cheap is even better.

Getting all the furniture for your living room can be hard, especially when you’re low on budget. Everyone needs a sofa in their home, it’s just something that has become a standard in every living room. Some people have sofas in their bedroom or other rooms in their house.

We’ve done hours and hours of research to find cheap sofas for sale. Furniture on itself is quite expensive so we completely understand it if you want to find some cheap furniture that still has good quality. Like a good sofa for example.

Some people prefer to list to what other people have bought and that’s normal. If you just want to a list of the most popular cheap sofas for sale then go over here. (Amazon)

Top 5 cheap sofas for sale:


  1. LIFE Home Linen Modern Contemporary Upholstered Adjustable Sectional Sofa

    Cheap Sofas For Sale

    It has one of the best looking and contemporary designs, perfect as a four-seater which gives ample space for seating yet does not take up too much space. It’s great looking, as well as comfortable.

    Linen Cloth Design:

    The sofa is made with a linen cloth and gives an elegant style and design and easily blends into any type of décor.


    The sofa set is very comfortable to use and three people can easily sit on the sofa comfortably and can lounge on a daily basis.

    Key Features:

    • Perfect style and design for a living room or den.
    • Easily fits in anywhere due to small size.
    • It is easy and simple to assemble without requiring much help.

    Customer Reviews:

    It is a great looking as well as a comfortable couch, which is highly affordable and a great deal for such a price. Most customers who bought this sofa were happy and commented on how lightweight and small the sofa was, and that it could be easily be placed anywhere!

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  1. Home Life 3 Person Contemporary Linen Sofa, Chocolate Brown

    Cheap Sofas For Sale

    This contemporary styled sofa is a great buy for such an affordable price! Not only is it a stylish piece of furniture that will bring out the whole look of your place but it is also very comfortable to lounge on in your everyday life. It has a simple classic design and can be placed anywhere from your bedroom to your living room.

    Quick Assembly

    This sofa set has a simple and an easy assembly process which can be very easily done in just minutes, with no extra assembly process or charges.

    Sturdy and Lightweight

    It is quite sturdy in structure with wooden legs on all sides but at the same time, it is lightweight and can be easily moved around the house, where ever it is needed.

    Key Features

    • Chocolate brown color.
    • Classic armchair type design
    • It is made in China.
    • Made of linen material.

    Customer Reviews

    Overall, most customers who purchased this sofa were very happy as it was such a great deal to get. Most people commented how it brought out the whole look of their living room and also said it was extremely comfortable to sit on all day long!

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  1. Moderne Living Reversible Linen Sofa, Light Grey

    Cheap Sofas For Sale


    This is a great looking design in a beautiful grey color that lifts up the whole decor of a room. It is an ideal size for a medium sized room and very comfortable for lounging on a daily basis.


    It has a reversible design in a sectional sofa set that is perfect for small sized studio apartments.


    The linen fabric is handpicked upholstery in beautiful and soft colors that will blend with any type of decor.

    Key Features

    • It is available in four colors, red, light grey, white, and dark grey. All are beautiful soft hues.
    • The assembly process of this sofa set is simple and easy to do.
    • Smooth delivery process and great customer care services.
    • The brand Moderne Living is a well-known brand for quality and durability.

    Customer Reviews

    Customers who purchased these sofas were quite satisfied with this great deal they got at such a price. The sofa set can easily seat three people very comfortably.

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  1. Mainstays Connectrix Faux Leather Futon Sofa

    Cheap Sofas For Sale

    It is a great looking sofa which instantly adds value to your den or your living room. Not only is it spacious enough to seat two people very comfortably, but can also convert into a twin sized bed.


    This sofa is versatile and can be used as a sofa all day long for lounging and at night it can be used as a twin sized bed! You can either use it in the guest bedroom or even put it up in your living room.


    It has adjustable armrests which could be positioned up or down and also has built-in cup holders. It is made with tufted faux leather upholstery with detailed stitching and that can be easily be wiped clean as well.

    Key Features

    • It is available in multiple colors.
    • No expert supervision required and the sofa can easily be assembled at home.
    • The futon is a well-reputed brand, which specializes in great quality sofas.

    Customer Reviews

    Whoever purchased this sofa commented how it brought a whole new look to their living room and that it was a great buy for such an affordable price. Most customers also commented on how sturdy it is and the quality it’s definitely five-stars rated.

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  1. DHP Premium Sofa Bed,Twin Size Black Faux Leather Sofa Sleeper, Coil Mattress Included, Convertible, Sturdy Wood Frame

    Cheap Sofas For Sale

    It is a great looking sofa to bring out the look of your place. It is small, yet sturdy with a wood frame support. The faux leather design adds style and class to the sofa. It easily converts into a bed when you have overnight guests.


    This can easily seat two people very comfortably as well as become a bed for extra sleeping space. It provides firm support as well as comfort as a sofa as well as a bed.

    Perfect for Small Spaces

    It fits easily everywhere but is ideal for small sized living spaces like a studio apartment, dorms or condos. It can be easily moved around as well.

    Key Features

    • It has a 400 lb Weight limit on the bed.
    • It contains wide track padded armrests for added comfort.
    • Twin sized coil mattresses are included in the packaging.
    • It has a faux leather sofa design.
    • It can be easily assembled without requiring any expert help.

    Customer Reviews

    Most customers were satisfied with this purchase as they felt the quality and the designs were a steal for such a price. It is a very popular product and highly recommended by all customers.

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More info about cheap sofas for sale:

If you are moving into a new place or renovating a house, it requires a lot of expense as well as time, energy and effort. At the end of the ordeal, you feel like you have had enough and are ready to do just about anything to get your place up and ready.

Buying one of the cheap sofas for sale is extremely important as it is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any house and also one of the most used. Sofa sets are usually kept in the living room – and there is a reason why it is called a “living room” because of most of the time, it is the center of all activity! Thus a living room requires a sofa to complete it. Buying a sofa then, should be vital and should be bought with considerations that it should not only look good, be affordable as well as comfortable so you can lie on it all day.


Other reasons for buying a cheap sofa:

There are of course more reasons for buying a cheap sofa. You may also be buying a cheap sofa to add it to some space, like your bedroom if you have enough space. Alternatively, a sofa bed can be bought to be placed in a guest room, which you can use as a study or an extra room throughout the year and when you have guests over, you can use the sofa as a convertible bed. This way you will have a sofa that you can use on a daily basis as well as a bed, which can be used when you have guests over. There are so really good looking sofa beds available on the markets that are quite comfortable as well and you can just put them in your den if you do not have a separate guest room.

You may also be short on a budget and just shift into your very own studio apartment. The best way to save cash is to buy a sofa bed which you can keep in your living room throughout the day and convert into your bed for the night. It is like killing two birds with one stone!


How to Buy the Right Sofa:

So what should you consider when choosing a good sofa to buy? Apart from what you can afford, you should buy according to your taste; preferences and of course the space that you are planning to place the sofa in.

Sofa selection might seem easy, but it really is not. Cheap sofas for sale come in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, and features. The fabrics have different colors, textures, and designs. So which sofa to buy for yourself can be a little tricky.

There are a few pointers below which can really help you with your sofa shopping and make it easier if you keep these tips in mind.


The Frame of cheap sofas for sale:

You should run your hand all over the sofa to check if there are any hollow parts or not. This is especially a must thing to do if you are buying a second-hand piece.

Joints: The frame of the sofa should not be wobbling or creaking and should be sturdy and firm. If the sofa frame is wobbly it means it does not have solid or strong joints. A sofa with strong joints or frame means it is of good quality and will last longer.

Padding: The frame of the sofa, as well as the corners, should be padded well. The best way to tell if they are is to run your hand over them and see for yourself. A padded frame means it will not stick out from the upholstery and it also means less friction from the fabric that is covering the frame.


Reclining Sofa:

If you plan to purchase a reclining sofa or a sofa bed, make sure that all its features are working properly or else even if one thing is not working correctly, the whole mechanism will fail. These types of sofas are generally more expensive than the others.


Metal or Sharp Parts:

If the sofa that you are purchasing has some metal parts or corners, you should make sure that there are no bumps or any hard spots. Again, the best way to check is to run your hands all over it and see, more so if it is a sofa with a tight back. If you end up buying a sofa with hard sports or bumps, not only will they feel uncomfortable but may also end up hurting you or causing discomfort.


Seat Cushions:

If your sofa has seat cushions, make sure they are firm and snug and fit within the frame of the sofa. Cushions that do not fit properly or snugly on the sofa mean that they will lose their shape fast and will spoil the whole look of the sofa in no time.

The best way to check how firm the cushions are is to press your hand down the cushions to flatten them and then let go. The cushion which is firm should be able to able to flatten and regain its original shape.


Seats and Arm Rests:

The arms of the sofa should not move or jiggle and should be padded well. The seats of the sofa would be comfortable to sit on and if it is a reclining sofa, then it should be comfortable in all aspects and positions.


Patterns and Designs:

The patterns and the design of the sofa should be matching the seams. Anything that is mismatched will make your sofa look cheap and ruin the whole look of your living area.


Final Test for cheap sofas for sale:

Once you have done all the checks and balances and made sure everything is okay with the sofa, then comes the final step to “test drive” your sofa. You should sit in all positions, lie down, recline, and use the armrest and anything else you feel you should. Remember a good sofa will go on for years, so it is always good to put your heart at rest and buy something worthwhile. If you are getting in delivered at home, most sofa companies have some return policy which is usually within 30-60 days so you better do your checks and balances before the time!

Finally, we have narrowed down a list of the top five cheap sofa sets which are available on the market and are great in terms of quality, design, and their affordability! 


Final Verdict of cheap sofas for sale:

The above is not an exhaustive guide for buying good and cheap sofas. It a top selection of the best features to help you with your search. The above-mentioned tips will help you choose the best sofa and the reviews of the sofas will give you an idea of what all you can get for such affordable prices. Our personal pick is the Moderne Living Reversible Linen Sofa, for its flexibility to make any room look great. Happy Shopping!