A bunk bed really comes in handy if you don’t have a lot of space inside your room. It’s so space-saving that’s why there are a lot of people looking for cheap bunk beds for sale. Some may think that bunk beds are always expensive but we will prove you wrong. You can find cheap bunk beds for a good price. You just have to know where to look for them.

Finding a cheap and decent bunk bed can be hard especially when you’re low on budget. Luckily for you, there are a lot of sales going on, even for bunk beds. The Cheap Bunk Beds For Sale tag is something a lot of sellers use because they know that bunk beds are extremely popular.

We’ve done hours and hours of research to find cheap bunk beds for sale. Furniture on itself is quite expensive so the price can be a real deal-breaker. We created a list of the top 5 cheap bunk beds for sale, and we hope you like it and that we are able to help you make a good decision.

Some people prefer to list to what other people have bought and that’s normal. If you just want a list of the most popular cheap bunk beds for sale then go over here.(Amazon)

Top 5 cheap bunk beds for sale:


  1. ACME Furniture 37370 Allentown Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Storage Ladder & Trundle, Twin/Twin, White

    white bunk beds with drawers

    This bunk bed has so many drawers you can barely count them all, it has a trundle underneath where you can put an extra mattress in so 3 people can sleep in the bunk bed at the same time and it has 5 drawers inside the stairs. So you never have to ask yourself again where to put everything.

    It is brilliantly designed and has that perfect white finishing touch that every bunk bed should have, one of the best out there!

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  1. DHP Twin Sized Bunk Bed Over Full Sized Bed with Metal Frame, White:
    white bunk beds with mattresses
    Make your home more beautiful with this DHP Twin Sized Bunk bed. White metal finish fits your home perfectly. The space-saving design enhances the space in your bedroom and it’s a perfect addition for twins, friends, and much more.It’s featuring guard rails which provide safety and comfort to the person who is sleeping in the top bed.Featuring two ladders on the two sides of the bed maximizes the convenience while going top. It accommodates two white mattresses which are good for uninterruptible sleep. The upper bunk can able to hold up to 200 lbs. so it will be a nice addition to your home.

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  1. Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Twin over Twin Classic Metal Bunk Bed with Dual Ladders / Quick to Assemble in Under an Hour

    cheap bunk beds for sale under 100

    If you’re looking for a regular bunk bed, which is still really modern and durable. This is the one! It’s just a little bit over the $100 mark. But if you want to have some quality and a design that’ll last for years we strongly advise you this one! This  Twin over Twin metal bunk bed by Zinus offers a strong steel framed mattress support. Guard rails on the top bunk and two integrated 4-step ladders are included.

    Easy patent pending quick lock assembly system allows for assembly in under an hour. Accommodating two Twin mattresses, this bunk bed will provide fun and safe sleeping with 5 years worry free warranty. The classic quick lock Twin over Twin metal bunk bed by Zinus is great for bedroom space saving.

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  1. Furniture of America Garvey Twin-Full Bunk Bed, White

    white wooden bunk beds

    This piece showcases a robust wooden frame for long-lasting quality that will last a lifetime, it has a great white finish and has a trundle underneath the bed. Looking for a perfectly designed white wooden bunk bed that has a lot of room this is the one.

    The top bunk comes with safety guard rails and ladder access, it comes mattress ready expect for the trundle bed that you’ll have to buy separately.

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  1. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over Twin with 3 Drawers in the Steps and 2 Under Bed Drawers, White

    white bunk beds

    When you have so many clothes or accessories and no room to place an extra closet, this is the one for you. It has 5 drawers! It has 3 drawers in the stairs and 2 underneath the bed. Space-saving at it’s best.

    If you have enough room and don’t want a white bunk bed anymore you can just take the top bed, the bottom bed and place them next to each other.

    It’s not only just brilliantly designed, it also has solid Brazilian pine wood, fully sanded and protected with a clean smooth coating to prevent cracks and splinters.

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More info about cheap bunk beds for sale:

The list that we’ve shown you is just a small list. There are so many different types of bunk beds:

– Basic Bunk Bed:

A basic bunk bed consists of two beds one over the other. You have a twin bed over another twin bed or even a twin bed over a full sized bed. There are a lot of different ways to create a basic bunk bed. You even have detachable bunk beds: those are bunk beds that can be taken apart and used as two separate beds if needed.

– Futon Bunk Bed:

The futon bunk bed comes with a lofted bed over a futon. Usually, the lofted bed is twin sized but could be a full sized one, too. This is a multipurpose design which lets you use the futon as a couch during the day. If needed, the futon can be opened up at night to provide another sleeping surface. This is good for sleepovers, or if it is a smaller room and you need the extra floor space during the day.

– L-shaped Bunk Beds:

The L-shaped bunk bed is a variation on the basic bunk bed. It has the same amount of sleeping space in a different configuration: the lofted bed is placed at a right angle to the bottom bunk. If you don’t have a lot of space then this configuration is not that good for you as it will require more floor space than the basic bunk bed, but it can be a good choice when you are not hampered by a lack of space.

– Basic Loft:

The basic loft bed gives you a lot of flexibility in designing a child’s room. It consists of one loft bed in either twin or full size suspended over an open space. There are so many possibilities with this style. Use the empty space as a study or play area, or put a storage unit underneath. Or even for some older children, you can have a desk underneath. Perfect place to study!

– Junior Lofts:

A junior loft bed is very similar to a basic loft bed, but it is lower to the ground, and more suitable for younger children. Some junior loft beds have added features such as slides and tents to be more play oriented.

– Study Lofts:

Study lofts are a good option for older children. With this kind of bed, you can fit in more into a small area, leaving the rest of the room freed up for other activities. Some study lofts are quite elaborate and are outfitted with a complete study area.

– Triple Bunk Bed:

A triple bunk bed is an L-shaped configuration that is perfect for three children or to accommodate guests for sleepovers. The third lifted usually lofted and attached to the top bunk bed. This configuration leaves options for using the space under the loft, which can be used for extra seating or consider putting in a chest of drawers for extra storage.

As you can see there are a lot of different types of bunk beds to choose from. Make sure that you make the right decision as you don’t buy a bunk bed every day and you want to purchase the right one for you or your children.

The conclusion of cheap bunk beds for sale:

Bunk beds really come in handy if you don’t have a lot of space or if you have a lot of children but you don’t have lots of room for them. There are so many different types of bunk beds. Sometimes it can be hard with the variety to choose from but just figure out for who the bunk bed is. If it’s a small child, an older child,  a child eager to play, a child eager to study, …

Be careful of the price tag. You have wooden bunk beds, metal bunk beds they all come with a different price and more importantly style.